Thursday, February 6, 2014

I haven't stamped in days.....

Because we've been away on vacation.  We left for Orlando last Friday evening and got back yesterday tired but very, very happy.  It was a great trip, the girls' first to any big amusement park let alone four.  Thought I would share some highlights.

With the penguins at Sea World

Furry friends at Sea World (dressed up for the country concert that evening)

Petting stingrays

Checking out the dolphins in the underwater viewing area

Legoland:  I might have had an ulterior motive in going to Legoland.  I begged my parents to take us growing up and they refused to!  Of course at the time there was only one Legoland and it was in Europe, but still!

Carina and I got to go on a lot of rides together at all the parks since she's too short to go on roller coasters and I don't ride them.  Andrew and Ellie were roller coaster buddies.

Carina is a crazy driver....

Figured all of you fox crazy ladies would like these

There are some serious lego statues around!

Disney - of course we had to see princesses.  Ariel is Ellie's favorite.  The wait was 60+ minutes, but she did it without complaining, cheerful the whole time, and she still says it was worth it even though Andrew and Carina went on a couple rides and saw Clarabelle while we were waiting.

Cinderella's castle with Minnie ears.

Epcot - for whatever reason Ellie really wanted to meet Pluto so she was thrilled to see him first thing when we got into Epcot.

While Andrew and Ellie went on another 'tall' ride, Carina and I got to see Mickey, Goofy, and MINNIE!

And another princess.....

It really was wonderful despite long days, really warm weather (80's the whole time we were there), no naps, and no stroller (that's right, we went stroller free).  There was lots of joy, lots of happy, and I'm pretty sure that we have definitively proved that liberal use of gummy snacks makes everything better.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to have something a little more creative to share soon.  :)


  1. Awww...looks like such a fun trip! And I agree - gummy snacks DO make everything better! :-)

  2. SO fun! The kiddos smiles just make everything worth it and the fact that they were happy without complaining is icing on the cake. Now you need a vacation from your vacation!

  3. Everyone looks like their having a blast! :) Such cute photos!

  4. What a fun trip! You have some great pictures to scrap :-). Some of those princesses were so perfect, it's almost scary! Hey, I was just checking on some of the blogs that I frequent and you won over at the Crafty Steals blog for the one Little word post-congrats!

  5. I'm so happy you shared these...looks like you had an amazing time!!

  6. You certainly had a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing these great photos. I really love the Lego animals!

  7. Looks like you made some great family memories...your girls will have those memories all their lives, much like my own memories of going to Disneyland as a child myself. Loved the pictures and the happy smiles from those beautiful girls.

  8. So glad you made such magical memories, Miriam! We ran into Pluto one day heading into through the back entrance of Epcot. It was one of the only character photos we got that we didn't have to wait in line for. LOL!

  9. So glad that you all had a great time!! Hope that you will recoup your energy soon!

  10. Look at all those happy smiles...such cuties, and they looked like they had a wonderful time...thanks for sharing these great pics!

  11. You know my family are BIG Disney and Lego fans...thanks for making me smile! Even though we made numerous trips to Orlando, but we didn't ever get a chance to visit Legoland...our kids are too big for the rides (LOL)! LOVE your happy post!

  12. What an awesome vacation! Looks like you had a blast. Your family is beautiful.

  13. How could I have missed this fun trip and wonderful pictures you shared?!
    You do look like you had a great time and that it was warm!
    I can't wait to see what you make with the fun pictures!
    and what a darling family BTW ;)