Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you see what I see?

I stumbled on a fun, easy project to do with the little kids today. Actually, the idea had been percolating in my brain since I got out my Christmas Ornaments Dimensional Elements the other day (I've been working away at projects for my upcoming Holiday Gift Giving Open House).

I took a look at the piece that I popped out of the middle of the ornament and thought, that looks like a bat, but as I'm really not that into Halloween, I let the thought go and moved on with what I was doing.

THEN, yesterday, Ellie got a late birthday present which included a book called 101 this to do and make with Googly Eyes. I call that providence, and I just couldn't help myself. I 'borrowed' a pair of the littlest googly eyes (I mean, they're a choking hazard, right)?

This is what I came up with. Really easy to do. I just swiped my black ink pad over the shape until I got a covering that I was happy with. You could always cover with paper and use a file/sander on the edges, or, if you're working with really little kids and you don't want to deal with ink pads or glue, use markers or crayons.

I cut a skinny oval for the body of the bat out of white daisy cardstock and swiped that over the ink pad. I used some 3-D foam tape to pop it out from the wings, and then secured the eyes with Liquid Glass. This project might have taken 5 minutes, but I doubt it was even that long. Easy!

So, before you throw out those excess pieces from your Dimensional Elements sets, take a hard look and see what YOU can see.

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  1. I guess I need to start taking a closer look! I have had a package of dimensional ornaments for over a year and never noticed the bat shape. Good eye and thanks for sharing!!