Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Art Deco + Mondo Peony

I've got a Neat & Tangled / Ellen Hutson mash up going on today.

I found another of these Mondo Peonies that I had colored (with Copics) way back in the craft room over the weekend and I thought that my Art Deco background would be the perfect backdrop for it.

The background in black and white really balances the boldness of the flower.  The embossed sentiment is from the Calathea set.

I love how easy this card is (once you color the flower, or find a colored flower that is).  I think it would be gorgeous with the background in a metallic finish and a softer more delicate flower as well.

Short and sweet today.  Come back tomorrow.  I've got something special planned ;)

*This post contains affiliate links for Neat & Tangled (in post text) and Ellen Hutson (below)


  1. That baackground looks wonderful with this big bold bloom.

  2. Oh yes, i truly adore this one, with the fine black lines vs the bold red curvy flower. Such energy!!

  3. Wow! That is one gorgeous flower!! Perfect with that background!!

  4. I had to check twice to see if this flower was actually flat or a die cut popped up! Yo! That's amazing! Such a pow--dig the mash up for sure! I'm also wishing I'd find a flower colored this well amongst my stash sometime! Haaaa! :)