Saturday, June 18, 2011

To blog or not to blog

So I had planned to eventually start a original goal was to start blogging once I had kind of gotten things off the ground with my Close to My Heart business. Turns out that eventually is sooner rather than later.

My upline clued me into this week's Heart to Heart challenge - create a card using paper that you create yourself through random stamping. As this was a process I was planning to try the last time I talked to her, she thought of me. Since H2H requires you to link your project through a blog or other website, and since they are phasing out the myCTMH sites (plus the pictures on there aren't that big), I figured I might as well go ahead and start my blog now.

In some ways this is a good thing. Although I have scrapbooked for over a decade, stamping and Close to My Heart are very new to me. I'm one of the thousands that signed up during this past May's big recruitment push. Since then I have been working hard to become knowledgeable about the products and techniques. I am actually having a great time learning new tricks and coming up with ways to incorporate CTMH and stamping into my style of scrapbooking. Starting the blog this early will really allow you to learn along with me.

You'll see that most of the initial projects that I've done don't involve scrapbooking. This is for a couple reasons. One, I'm three quarters of the way through the current book I'm working on and don't want to change the flow/overall look of the book too drastically, so I'm incorporating stamping/CTMH, but pretty subtly right now. Two, since cards are so small, and relatively quick to complete, it's a good way for me to get my feet wet and try a lot of new things in a limited time. So here we go....

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