Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Award Season

I was so humbled yesterday morning when I found out that my little blog had been honored with Brenda Frerichs 'Cute as a Button' award.

Brenda is a fellow Close to My Heart consultant, and though we've never met in person, I am doubly honored because she is such a sweet, gracious, and creative lady. We consultants have a bulletin board where we can exchange ideas and information, and both on those boards and on her blog Brenda is thoughtful, caring, and quick to share. Her words, attitude, and work have been an inspiration and encouragement to me.

As part of this award, I get to gift someone else with the same honor. Let me tell you, this was so difficult. There are so many talented individuals out there whose blogs I follow. I spent a great deal of time deliberating and wondering, and trying to decide who should get the award. It was not an easy choice!

I've decided to send the award to Joelle H. of Scrapbook Snippets
Joelle's work is beautiful. She has a ton of talent and wonderful ideas. I love how polished her stamping is, and how clean and well designed her cards and layouts are. As a testament to her skills - she was recently published in PaperCrafts 365 cards issue.

Joelle, you may take this award and paste it in your blog. And, if you choose, you can give it away to just one lucky person whom you feel deserves a little recognition for his/her paper crafting talent. If you do, please come back here and let us know who you picked so we can visit too.

And another thanks to Brenda, the creator of this award. You made my week!


  1. Thanks so much for this award, Miriam! I'm so surprised and, let's admit it...flattered to be chosen. You're right - this is a great way to bring a smile into someone else's day. I'll be sure to pass it along, but I agree, it's going to be a tough decision! There are so many wonderful bloggers out there.

    I've seen some of your work before, but I just did some more browsing, and I am truly impressed with your style. Your work is gorgeous - I'm off to become a follower now. Thanks again for thinking of me and making my week as well!

  2. You are so sweet. You deserve this award, friend. :-)