Friday, August 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We got home this afternoon from a week with my family in Georgia.

It's fun to be away, but always so great to get home. This was Carina's first time on a flight, and since she's still under two, we didn't get a separate ticket for her. She is a marginal flier, and I'm really sorry lady sitting in front of us. I tried REALLY hard to get her not to kick the seat....

Ellie on the other hand is a real pro when it comes to flying these days.

I've decided that coming home on a Friday is an excellent idea. You have the whole weekend to decompress (from vacation, I know, right?!), do laundry, go shopping, etc.

Hoping to get busy in the craft room tomorrow - I left a bunch of half finished projects, but I did get a couple more stamp carving lessons done while we were away.

Here are a few vacation photos to tide you guys over until I have something crafty to share:

Cousins waiting to go down to the lake

Playing in the sand

Arts and crafts (thanks to my sister)

Hanging down by the lake

Going for a wake board ride

Swimming with the aunts

Anxious to go home (I love that Carina is kind of a home body. I've noticed that when we are somewhere and she is ready to go, she will come over and say 'home?' She lasted about three days before she started asking about home - not that she wasn't having a great time, I think she just loves home, I do too.)


  1. aww how glad you had a great time...thanks for sharing your awesome photos..

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip!!! LOVING the photos!!!

  3. Aw, looks like you all had a great time even if a couple of you were yearning for home. ;) Thanks for sharing these fun photos, Miriam! I think you have some great scrapbooking material!

  4. Aw! What great pics! LOVE 'em to pieces! TFS!