Sunday, December 16, 2012


This weekend has not been at all what I expected it to be. 

I got sick.

Mamas are not supposed to get sick, but yesterday afternoon I was sick as a dog, huddled under the covers shivering and shaking.

Thankfully it appears to be a quick mover....I'm still not 100%, but WAY better than I was feeling yesterday!

Being sick at this time of year, combined with the sobering events of this past Friday really made me think, which made me thankful for:

1) That were were able to squeeze in visit with a college friend yesterday morning before things really took a turn for the worse.

2) An AMAZING husband....the house has not suffered a whit since I have been sick, rooms were cleaned and vacuumed, the kids were taken out to the pet store to look at animals and then to Chick Fil A to retreive dinner all while I remained ensconced in my bed.  In fact, as I type, he's out to lunch with Ellie and then they are going to do the grocery shopping.

3) The realization that I don't need to do it all for Christmas....this was going to be a baking, present making, Christmas Card finishing, Christmas tree decorating weekend, and the fact of the matter is that I've just realized that most of this stuff is not going to happen and it's OK.  We are still going to celebrate Christmas and it is still going to be wonderful, and maybe this will actually help us to better focus on the reason for the season.

4) My wonderful daughters who have also been a little more helpful and kind since Mama isn't feeling well.  Especially Ellie....I was a little afraid that she'd freak out when I brought up the idea of not getting the big tree (we do have lots of mini trees sprinkled throughout the house and all the other decorations are up), but she was OK with it.  We talked it over, and decided that we would put our Christmas tree money to good use, so this is what we ordered this morning:

A goat from World Vision for a child who could use it more than we need a Christmas tree.

So, was it the weekend I expected?  No, but it certainly brought into focus how blessed I am, and I am so thankful.


  1. This donation is such a wonderful idea!

    Sorry to hear that you're sick. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. You do have a lot to be thankful for! What a heartfelt post, and I'm sure there is a thankful family out there, too! Take good care, Miriam!

  3. So sorry that you were sick -- hope you are 100% soon!! I love this post!!

  4. Take care of yourself hon! And know that you don't have to be SuperMomma to be a super momma:) Hugs!

  5. So sorry you weren't feeling well. My son was sick with the flu, too! Hope you get to feeling much better soon! Love how you listed all your blessings! Take care, hugs!

  6. I hope you are feeling better now! I had the same thing happen on Friday! So many things to do and here I am with the stomach flu! Hubby & the kids stepped up here too- we had a Christmas party here Sat night! :0 ! I am on the mend- hope you are too! Love the goat!

  7. You have such a sweet family. I'm sorry you were sick :( I hope you recover quickly!

  8. OH NO! I'm so sad that you are not feeling well!!! Get better soon!!!

    What a precious gift you are giving this year! We have a child in India that we sponsor and he tells us all the time what he buys with the "little" money that we send! It's a blessing both ways!! HUGS!

  9. My! Tears are flooding down my face...
    This post is beautiful and could not have captured the true spirit of Christmas any better. I'm sorry you felt so sick of course but I'm very grateful for your meaningful words that will continue to resonate in me as i leave your beautiful blog.

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

  10. It sounds like we had a bit of the same weekend. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! And I love that you bought a gift for a child in need. We did that same thing, last year, at our extended family Christmas... a goat, a cow, a rooster, and it seems there was something else. Such a great organization! Get well soon!