Friday, November 8, 2013

Cocoa Daisy Crop Layouts

I love it when Cocoa Daisy hosts crops.  They have great challenges and it's a good way to work on my backlog.  Unfortunately, this past weekend/week have been pretty busy with all sorts of personal and work things, all good, but that means I didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

Still, I was able to finish two layouts for the crop.  Sorry about the photos, the big shots look a little fuzzy, which is annoying the heck out of me....

First, a Project Life inspired layout that also drew on vintage farm signs for inspiration.  I immediately thought of some of my old October Afternoon papers (Farm Girl and Sasparilla), and this is what I cam up with:

It's a vintage photo of my sisters and I by our swing set in one of the homes we lived in growing up.  There was a farmer who lived behind us.  He must have had a farm somewhere else, or was retired and just cultivated the large plot for fun, but it was really only about 3/4 of an acre.  He grew corn among other things, and in the summer, we could walk over and buy fresh corn.  So yummy!

This second layout was for a cornucopia challenge.  You had to use at least three photos, three patterned papers, three different embellishments, include journaling, and some trim.  That's a lot to pack into one layout, but I love how this turned out.  I cheated a little on the patterned papers as I did a bunch of fussy cutting on one to get all those flowers.

So glad I got this one done though, this was from this last February, and I LOVE these photos.  I love how happy and really glowing Ellie is in them.  They had a great time, and stayed for the WHOLE dance which is saying something since Andrew hates to dance, and it was a couple hours after Ellie's normal bedtime, but what a special night for them.

I'm pretty pleased that all the papers for these layouts came from my 'old' pile, and many of the embellishments too.  It's nice to be using that stuff!  I'm going to flake out on the supply list today (it's been a long week and I have to get ready for movie night), but if you have a specific question, please ask!


  1. These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors and love love love the seed packets!!!!

  2. Beautiful layouts! Fun, creative, and adorable!

  3. Your first layout is very nice but the second is AMAZING, love everything on it, absolutely gorgeous !

  4. OMG, I wish I could see the photo of you a little better! Good for you to scrap the vintage photos. In my fantasy world I would be so caught up with memory keeping that I could go back and work on my own memories like you did. Again, you are such an inspiration : )

  5. Bravo for getting two gorgeous L.Os done Miriam!
    Like Kelly, I would love to see the picture of you better ;)

  6. Way to use that stash girl! We all should take notes off you ;). Such beautiful pages, too!

  7. Two totally different layouts, love the elements you pulled together so effectively for both of them!