Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gardenia Blooms Thank You Notes

This is Carina's last week at preschool!  It's hard to believe, she's spent almost five years there, and Ellie was there for two years as well.  

We're very sad to be leaving behind some very loved teachers.  Carina still loves to visit her old teachers, we often have to make several stops before we get to her current class so she can visit with her people.

These cards are for the girls special teachers that we're leaving behind.  They feature the Gardenia Blooms Journaling Card Die and a sentiment from Paper Cut Flowers.

I thought I would provide a little tutorial for you:

I had an old Gardenia Blooms die cut that I used as a guide.  

Then I used Derwent Inktense pencils to lightly trace along the inside edge of the blooms and leaves. I didn't trace all around the openings just toward the center of the flowers.  

This is what it looks like when you remove the guide.

I normally don't watercolor directly on my cardstock because it will warp, but this requires very little water.  This is also why I'm using a real paintbrush as opposed to a waterbrush, it's easier to control the amount of water in a paintbrush as opposed to a waterbrush.  

I use the guide to make sure I'm on the right track and then (totally optional) I add a bit more pencil for additional color/dimension.

After those additional details are softened with water, you can put the actual die cut over top and see what the card will look like.

To adhere the die cut I like to use liquid adhesive as I think it works best on those delicate details.  I swipe the adhesive on the solid portions of the die cut and just tap it over the intricate areas.

I created both Grout Gray and Primitive White cardstock versions of the card, I think it would look great in any neutral.  It looks complicated but the coloring portion is actually very quick and these were easily mass producible.  They are also perfect for mailing since they are so flat.

That's all for today!  Remember today's the last day to comment on my giveaway, I'll announce a winner tomorrow.


  1. Great tutorial with beautiful results!

  2. Your card sets are beautiful! Hang in mama, those years go way too fast. 😊

  3. These are beautiful, Miriam! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So lovely, Miriam ... these blooms are just beautiful! Anita :)

  5. Oh, so pretty, Miriam! Thanks for sharing the technique--especially on non watercolor card stock.
    My (teacher) daughter's former students always make a pit stop at her class so I can relate to Carina's visits!

  6. These are just so beautiful and I know your children's teacher will treasure them.

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for showing how you pulled it off too! This is so soft and dreamy. Inktense pencils are on my wish list!

  8. dreamy and beautiful Miriam!
    I love it! Thanks for including so many pictures of your creative process.

  9. Wow!! Great tutorial!! I love the idea, its so easy and stunning!!

  10. Lovely, so elegant. Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. GASP - WOW!!! So amazing and so perfectly beautiful!! What a wonderful technique!!

  12. Swoon! Love the soft, girly nature of these beauties!

  13. This is so artsy and beautiful! I would never have thought of doing that!