Friday, September 18, 2015

Silly Season

We're just wrapping up the silly season here.  Between the end of August and middle of September it gets a little crazy around here.  We've got Ellie's birthday/party, Carina's party, school starting, and Carina's birthday.  

It's a little fast and furious but lots of fun.

I thought I would share a few photos with you guys as I pretty much didn't make anything all week, I needed a little creative break!

Ellie saved for almost a year for a new American Girl, so we went on release day to get Mary Ellen.  She was so excited!  

We had a smaller birthday party this year, inviting a few friends for lunch at the American Girl store and then back to the house for cake.  It was pretty interesting listening to the conversation in the car on the way to and from the store.  The girls' knowledge of all things American Girl was literally mind-numbing.

The illustrious line up of dolls:

The next day was Ellie's actual birthday.  We had the 'family' party.  My mom and best friend and her family came over.  This is one of my favorite, albeit slightly blurry, photos from the evening.  Ellie wants cake and the rest of the kids are busy being in a band.

 Ellie and my Mom

Next up, Carina's Minion Party.

The laser obstacle course.  Red yard with little bells strung on the yarn so you hear a jingle if you touch the laser.

The Box of Shame

 Snacking with her best buddy from preschool

Minion Cornhole (the Frozen corn hole from last year with a Minion makeover)

Minion cake!

Something very important was happening here...

Last to leave

And then the first day of Kindergarten and 3rd grade!  The girls are going to a fancy schmancy new school this year.  It was built to alleviate overcrowding in the district and is pretty nice, although slightly unfinished....the gym and library should be done by the end of the month and the fields next month.  You can read all about it here if you're interested:

It was a good day!

 And finally Carina's actual birthday!  I surprised her and had lunch with her in the cafeteria.




 And then our little family celebration yesterday evening.


Love this reaction!

That's what's been going on here, I'm ready for the weekend!!!


  1. How FUN!!!! Brookie is having a Minion party too in a couple of weeks!! I printed that Gru poster too for her party! LOL!!!!!!!! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very fun photos, thank you so much for sharing :) they definetely bring a huge smile to my face :))))

  3. What cute pics! Your kiddos are adorable!!!

  4. Looks like a super fun way to the end your summer! Happy birthday to your girls- they are so cute!

  5. Looks like a super fun way to the end your summer! Happy birthday to your girls- they are so cute!

  6. Your post makes me smile from cheek to cheek!! Such fun and lovely parties! And I love that Minion party rules! I should totally hang that up in my foyer...:) Thanks for the share, Miriam! You guys are such great parents and I know the girls will cherish these happy childhood highlights in years to come!

  7. aww what a sweet celebration.. Happy Birthday to your girls.. thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh everything looks so FUN. Love the Minion theme party and I LOVE American Girl. (way more then my daughter ever did!!) Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  9. So many fun photos....looks like the party of the year to be at!

  10. CUTE, CUTE and FUN, FUN!!! So excited for your family and hope all is well and that all are happy and well!!

  11. fun pics...your girls are so stinkin' adorable!

  12. So sweet of you to share these with us all! Those party rules are hilarious! Way to go for going all out during your party season. It's very exhausting, but looking back you will never regret the memories you made!

  13. Lovely photo's, Miriam ... looks like a fun and exciting time! Anita :)

  14. Darling girls & looks like so much fun, although exhausting I'm sure! Have a great year, Miriam!

  15. The girls are gorgeous and certainly look very happy in all their photos. You have been very busy indeed!! Especially love the photo of the three kids at the table outside discussing something momentous. Love listening in on the kids conversations, although I find it hard to laugh quietly and always get caught.....You'll need a rest after all this excitement!!

  16. Awwww looks like Carina had a blast on her birthday :) Belated birthday wishes to her :) great photos and she is so like you :)

  17. Holy smokes, girl, you've been one busy lady! Happy birthday to both of your beautiful girls! Such priceless smiles and memories!

  18. so cute!! you have definitely been busy! And in such fun and oh so adorable ways. Your girls make me giggle--I'm certain they'd be buddies with someone I know! :) Awesome decor, cake and fun games. I totally want to attend both a Minion Party and AG party. I bet the convo WAS a riot! :) Thanks for sharing the fun Miriam! :)

  19. such a sweet post Miriam!
    You look beautiful with your DDs, they're so fortunate to have you as their Mama ;)
    Thanks for sharing~

  20. What a fun post...adorable pictures of the true joy of!

    1. Just checked out your link to your daughters new school its so exciting to see all these new ideas. As a former teacher it was really inspiring to see how much education is changing so we can reach children where they are and encourage them to develop a love of learning.

  21. Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful family! Such wonderful memories in the making.