Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quick card share

Hey everyone!  I've been busy with the October Neat & Tangled release this week (release week is next week and if you don't follow me on IG, you might want to (@mprantner) because I've been sharing sneaks there) but thought I would pop in to share another bonus card from my Craftsy class.

This is from the stencils section, and is a riff on this card that I created ages ago.  It's one of my most popular cards, but it took literally AGES to create.  So instead of a full panel, I just went with a sliver, and I think it's just as effective.

The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink.

Hope your week is going well!  We're doing well here.  The hubby (who broke his leg just before school started) is down to just one crutch and DRIVING!!!! and he'll be tooling around in just a boot starting next week with PT the next couple weeks.  It's definitely been a challenge, but the end is in sight!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Stunning your die cutting and all those wee pieces to place, just beautiful.

  2. Fantastic glass effect Miriam!
    Your card is so beautiful indeed!
    Thank You~

  3. Oh I do remember that card ... and thinking I can't believe she traced a stencil! Awesome stuff, right there.

  4. Oh, wow!! I love this! It almost looks like stain-glass! Only white instead of black!!

  5. This is gorgeous, Miriam! The colors are beautiful and the sentiment is perfect!