Friday, November 25, 2016

Three Sales to Check Out

Hey everyone!  Once you're done with your breakfast of pie, I have three sales to share with you.

Neat & Tangled - this is a really good one, especially if you're shopping today.  If you've been eyeing something, might want to head over early because I know some of the Christmas release has already sold out.  

Ellen Hutson - There are sales all weekend, but today it's 20% off, and it will be 20% off again on Monday, but of course it's another one of those shop early for the best selection deals.

I already shopped, and took the opportunity to pick up these things that I've been wanted for a while:

This is my affiliate link if you are so inclined:

Craftsy - All classes are $17.99 and below.  My class is actually on sale for $13.99 which is the lowest it has ever been!  Affiliate link:

Happy shopping and hope you are enjoying your weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome sales! Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, and you better believe I had pie for breakfast! lol ;) Happy Friday, Miriam!