Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Hi everyone, I was so fortunate to be able to attend Creativation this year.  It's been something I've wanted to do for forever, and being able to go this year was so exciting!

I definitely saw some new things that are on my crafty wishlist, and also met some really interesting people and artists who are doing amazing things both in the papercrafting world as well as in other mediums.  Although I mostly paper craft now, I've done lots of knitting and crocheting, sewing, and painting in the past, so having so many craft companies from all those disciplines under one roof was kind of amazing.

I didn't take a ton of photos (and these are all iphone photos so not the best quality), but here are a few of my favorite things:

Although Neat & Tangled didn't have a booth, we did have some goodies in one.  Found some of our latest release on display in the Notions (one of our wholesalers) booth.

New stencils from the Crafter's Workshop, they have always been my favorite stencil company, loving these gorgeous new designs!

The One Canoe Two collaboration with American Crafts might be the best mash up of companies ever.  The new collection is so pretty and there are some of the cutest accessories too, including a sweet little house shaped box with mini cards and envelopes inside.

These mini Thickers from Paige Evans' Pick-Me-Up collection are a must have.

The Altenew booth had SO MUCH good stuff!  That giant rose background, swoon!

And there are some new stitching stamps and dies that make the most amazing stuff.

And this display piece created using all of their 3D floral dies, just wow.

The new turnabout from Concord and 9th is so cool, and the center comes out so you can stamp it with a circular opening if you want.

A super cute mini collection from Simple Stories.

A must have cutting plate from Sizzix.  You can see where the cut is, but it's smooth to the touch, so you don't get that weird texture on the back of your die cut pieces from the surface of your cutting plate.

And a couple new paper lines from Webster's Pages!  They've been focused on planners and traveler's notebooks of late, so I was so excited to see some paper lines.  Their paper quality is so good and I have always been a fan of their collections.  In general, I'm over the unicorn fad, but I'm making an exception for the caticorns!

These are just a few looks at things that caught my eye, next time I am going to be better about documenting!

I was also thrilled to see Alexandra Renke exhibiting.  They are a German company that I follow on Instagram, they have the most beautiful and delicate paper and die designs, and I'm a little giddy that they might be in stores in the US soon!

By far the best part of the weekend was getting to meet and spend time with people I've 'known' in the ether for years and years.  Scrolling through my photos I was struck by the fact that I didn't actually take as many pictures as I thought, there are so many other people I met and spent time with, but apparently we were having too much fun to stop and take a photo!

It was so refreshing to spend some time with these and many other ladies.  The stamping community is filled with so many generous and welcoming individuals which was proved over and over again during the course of the weekend.

Last but not least an incredibly bad and dark photo of the Neat & Tangled team at the show.  Danielle, myself, and Sarah who deals with all things customer service and wholesale for Neat & Tangled.  Can you believe that although Danielle and I have been working together for over three years and we live only two hours away from one another we had to go to Phoenix to meet?

Such a fun weekend!  I'm still a little bleary eyed as we took the red eye home, getting in around 7:30 yesterday morning.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure! I love seeing all the faces and some new "must haves" as well!

  2. How fun!! Thanks for sharing your pics!! Love the new cutting plate from Sizzix, definitely going to need that, I really had getting all those marks!!!! Love the cross stitch stuff too (not's not like I already have a ton of actual cross stitch stuff along with a ton of patterns I want to do!!! LOL!!)

  3. I am so excited for you!! This is my dream one day to go to one of these. So fun that you got to meet all those people!! Thanks for sharing!! I so need that new sizzix plate!!

  4. Some fun new stuff to look forward to using this year! Fun selfies too! Been too long since I've hugged a couple of those lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  5. enJOYed your tour and pics-thank you!

  6. Thanks for this update...so fun to see this show through your eyes.

  7. Such fun! So glad you were able to go and take it all in! I am most excited about that cutting plate and definitely need to know more--STAT! :) I love that you had to go to AZ to meet--that is so funny and typical of life, isn't it! :)

  8. Well, you can probably tell I am cleaning through my email tonight! : ) And on my laptop so I feel at a loss without my laughing emoji : ) Couple things: 1) I'm surprised you were able to take a photo of the Crafter's Workshop stencils! I took a photo of julie fae-fan balzer's new stencils and within seconds a lady rushed over to me and asked me not to take any photos. I was pretty shocked. She later explained to me that someone had recently stolen their designs. I told her I'm just a little blogger, but I would delete the photo right away. 2) I love seeing your reflection in the cutting plate photo! 3) My favorite thing by far in this post are the people pictures, and us finally meeting IRL. YAY! I actually had meeting you on my "itinerary" (put this in quotes because there wasn't much on it to qualify it as an itinerary ... dinners, a couple show commitments, the Katy Perry concert, and tracking down Miriam!) xo