Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scrapbooking Style

Everyone has a particular style of scrapbooking. Mine is pretty basic, with a focus on pictures. The formula has basically been pick the pictures you want and two coordinating cardstock colors. I do try and mix up how I use the cardstock, mats, punches, strips, etc, but the formula hasn't changed much in the last decade. I was originally skeptical that I would be able to incorporate stamps into my style of scrapbooking, but it has actually been pretty easy. In fact, I've had to hold back a little since I'm in the middle of a couple books right now. For continuity, I don't want someone to turn the page and say "what happened, am I in the same book?" So, here are a couple examples of how I've used my stamps/CTMH stuff to just add a little oomph to my layouts.

In the March layout, I used the 'Solos 7' stamp to add a few touches. Originally I just had the one long stamp with flowers, but I managed to create a lovely little ink smudge with my finger when I was moving stuff around, so I ended up using the single flower stamp from that set, cut out, to cover it up. You can't just use one of those, so I had to incorporate a few more, but I think it's a nice look overall. I also used 'The Works Alphabet'.

In the April layout I used very little stamping. Just a border from the 'Spring Up' stamp set with Smoothie ink and then sponged around the title/journaling boxes. The layout was so colorful that I thought adding much more would make it too busy. I really like the way paper was used here though. This is another way to create your own background/texture paper. I cut a bunch of strips of two different colors in varying widths and then alternated them on the page as an interesting backdrop.

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