Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Quickest Card I've Ever Made

Just a quick card to share with you today (and by quick, I mean lightning quick). I have a few deadlines looming that I need to get stuff done for, but sometimes you need to make something not because you have to, or to try and win a challenge, or because there's a class or assignment, but just to make something, from scratch, out of your own head, just because, and that's kind of where I am today. But, of course, I'm pressed for time, so this is what I came up with: a really simple, clean, one layer card that was so easy to whip together....a set of these would be PERFECT to give as Teacher Appreciation gifts.

And, I got to try out one of my new goodies. I heard tell from some of my friends out there in blogland that there was washi tape to be had at Target! I love a trip to Target, and it just so happened that I was home with a 'sick' kid last week, so off to Target we went to get Easter stuff, and then we just 'happened' to be in the stationary aisle where I just 'happened' to see these fabulous little sets of tape.

There are four different color combinations (if I recall correctly): red/pink, yellow/orange, blue, green (although blue and green might have been a set together, I just can't remember). For $4 you get a set of four. Can't really beat that, so I got myself the red/pink and yellow/orange sets.

For this card (4x4) I used the solid red along the bottom of the card. All of the stamps are from the Pemberley workshop on the go set, which I love. Black ink, three stamps, a bit of washi tape, and there you have it. So easy (unless you're like me and manage to leave a big black smear on your first take and have to do it again, in which case it's still easy, but you're annoyed that you wasted a perfectly good piece of cardstock because you were careless...AGAIN).

But, I digress, the moral of the story is, do some stamping/crafting for the sheer joy of it and not because you have an end goal in mind, go to Target, and try and be a little neater. Now, I am off to do the projects that I have to get done....

Have a great night!

Supplies Used
Cardstock: White Daisy
Stamps: Pemberley workshop on the go set
Ink: Black
Other: Washi tape from Target


  1. this card is stunning, with the bold image, white/black & red combination! beautiful!:)

  2. wow this image is amazing...your card is stunning and I see you found the 4 dollar tape at target...don't you just love it..

  3. This card is fantastic, Miriam! I wish we had Target stores in Canada. ;)

  4. WOW!!! This is absolutely STUNNING! I MUST track down some of that tape!!!

  5. Well - it may have been quick, but it sure is beautiful!

  6. Oh my heck, cute card and I do have to say...Target has some amazing washi... I bought two colors myslef. ;)

  7. lovely card and yummy washi tapes!!!

  8. LOVE this quick and easy card!! And I'd heard a rumor about the washi tape at Target. I checked my local store before Easter and didn't spot any. I must head back--those collections are to die for!!! The stationery aisle, you say?? Look out, Target, here I come! {again}